New Direction Warming and Cooling Center welcomes less fortunate during the holidays

By Gary Scott on December 22, 2017 at 2:12pm

This holiday weekend, many people are spending time with their family and friends in a warm home.But there are those who are less fortunate this holiday season. New Directions Warming and Cooling Center for the homeless in Jacksonville is a place where all are welcome.

“Right now we are full with 13 kids in the shelter. We are in the holiday spirit so that’s a good thing.” said Vanessa Tyus, the Executive Director of New Directions Warming and Cooling Center. “Our families are preparing for the Christmas holiday and are preparing for the two weeks that they are out of school.”

The Warming Center, which is located at 100 South Fayette Street, is open 24 hours. Tyus says the center can welcome in more people but it depends on the amount of volunteers. She explains how you can help out.

“They can contact us at 217-473-0434,or they can come in the door and we can get them cleared with a background check, then they can come and help.” Tyus said.

New Directions offers food and others items that may help those who are less fortunate. On Christmas day, the center will offer a special lunch and dinner.

“We will also have something for New Year’s Eve, for lunch and dinner. So we are expecting the joy, the warm, the humble and family “ said Tyus.

If you are in need and would like to go to the center, you may stop in or call 217-473-0434. If they are able to meet your needs, they will send you to the Jacksonville Police Department for a background check.