New Odometer Disclosure Requirements Begin Jan. 1

By Benjamin Cox on December 29, 2020 at 7:15am

Car dealerships will have a new rule to abide by when it comes to mileage on the cars they sell on January 1st. The new federal rule, which was issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, is intended to help combat odometer fraud as the nation’s fleet of vehicles ages. The average age of a vehicle in the United States is now almost 12 years, up from 7.6 years when the odometer rules were last changed in 1988.

Under this new federal rule, vehicles made in 2011 and newer will be subject to odometer disclosure for 20 years rather than the current 10 years. Under the old rule, a 2011 vehicle would have become exempt from disclosure in 2021. Beginning January 1st, the odometer reading must be disclosed at the sale of a 2011 vehicle until 2031. For example, 2012 vehicles will become exempt in 2032, and so on. The immediate impact is that 2011 vehicles will not become odometer exempt on January 1st.

Due to the new federal rule, the Illinois Secretary of State Vehicle Services Department must reject paperwork for sales of vehicles 2011 or newer unless the odometer disclosure is completed. For used vehicle dealers and other businesses in the automobile industry, the new federal rule means they will be required to disclose the odometer reading on a greater number of vehicles. For more information, visit