New Phone Scam Targets Those With Hotel Reservations

By Jeremy Coumbes on September 25, 2019 at 2:12pm

As fall kicks into gear, many events such like the Tri-State Rodeo, Mother Road Festival, and Prairie Land Heritage Steam Show, can give the opportunity for a weekend get away.

But if you have fall travel plans, you may need to take caution if you have made hotel reservations.

The Fort Madison Police Department has issued a alert for the greater tri-state area to a phone scam where people who have existing hotel reservations receive a call from someone posing as a representative of the hotel, informing the reservation holder that there has been a “glitch” in their computer system, the hotel lost their reservation and/or information.

The scammer will ask for all of your information including your credit or debit card number after informing you that you need to make a new reservation for your stay.

Fort Madison Police advise to never give out your information to anyone who calls you, even if the person on the line says they are with a company you are doing business with currently.

If you cannot verify the caller, authorities advise to hang up and call the hotel you have your reservations with to make sure your booking is still in their system.