New State Legislation Would Allow For Remote Filing of Orders of Protection

By Benjamin Cox on February 25, 2022 at 10:05am

Carrie Ward Discusses Remote OP Bill. (Blue Room Stream/Saga Comm.)

A current bill in the Illinois General Assembly would make it easier for victims of domestic violence to apply for orders of protection through local courts.

The bill, which has passed Senate unanimously, would allow victims to file for an order of protection online and would require courts in a county larger than 250,000 population to offer the petitioner the option to hold a hearing on that order remotely.

At a Wednesday morning news conference, the bill sponsor, State Senator Steve Stadelman of Rockford was joined by Carrie Ward, executive director of the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault, and Amanda Pyron, executive director of The Network Advocating Against Domestic Violence, to discuss how the legislation benefits victims.

Ward said ICASA hopes the legislation is the first step in increasing the survivor’s ability to receive protective orders in the safest and most efficient way possible. Ward noted they would like to see subsequent legislation that eliminates the population requirements and opens online access to the entire state.

Senate Bill 3667 has arrived in the House today and has picked up a chief sponsor, Representative Maurice West. It is currently awaiting a House committee assignment before a final vote.