New Trustees, Village Clerk Approved and Sworn into Office

By Jeremy Coumbes on June 22, 2021 at 9:46am

Mike Broaddus is sworn in as Village Trustee by South Jacksonville Village Mayor Tyson Manker during a special meeting of the Board of Trustees Monday night at Village Hall.

The Village of South Jacksonville has a full Board of Trustees again.

Two newly appointed Trustees and a new Village Clerk were approved during a special meeting of the Board Monday night at Village Hall. All current members of the board were in attendance with Paula Stewart attending remotely due to a prior commitment.

Amy Oxley, Office Manager for the Village was appointed temporary Village Clerk and assumed the duties during the meeting until the new clerk was sworn in.

All three appointees, John R. Stewart and E. Michael Broaddus as Trustees, and Amy Scoggins for Clerk all received unanimous approval by the Board when their name and office were each called for consideration by the Board.

New Trustee John Stewart says he wants to see more transparency from the board going forward. “I’m very hopeful, very happy to be chosen by Tyson. We’ve been long time friends. I’m just looking forward to getting things done easily enough with enough transparency so everyone knows what’s going on so there are no guessing games. It’s not supposed to be a guessing game, everyone should know what’s going on, and that’s what we are going to try to do.”

John R. Stewart is takes his oath of office Monday night.

New Village Clerk, Amy Scoggins says she is looking forward to getting to work in the new position. “I’m really excited to see all the changes that are going to come to the village. I’m excited to be a part of that and to see where that all takes us. But most importantly I’m excited to take on the new role as Village Clerk.”

Amy Scoggins is sworn in as the new Village Clerk for South Jacksonville.

Village Mayor Tyson Manker said during the meeting that it was a new day in the village. Following the meeting, Manker said he hopes the business of the village will go smoothly now that the Board is back to being fully represented.

I’m so excited right now, what a great group of people. Mike Broaddus, John Stewart, Amy Scoggins, three of the most talented, passionate residents of the Village of South Jacksonville. For them to join us and work, share their ideas, their enthusiasm, we’ve got a bright future ahead for the Village.”

On Friday during his retirement party after serving 17 years with the South Jacksonville Village Police Department, Michael Broaddus said his love of the community and serving the people lead him to pursue the work of a Trustee.

Broaddus and Scoggins were appointed following the resignation of former Trustee Jason Hill and Village Clerk Krystin Hill on Tuesday of last week. John Stewart replaces former Trustee Todd Warrick who resigned in May.