Night Prowler Issue in Winchester

By Benjamin Cox on January 3, 2022 at 9:07am

The City of Winchester appears to be having trouble with prowlers and Peeping Toms.

Winchester Police Chief Caleb Handy recently issued a warning in the Scott County Times to would-be night prowlers that they are the ones being looked for by local police.

Handy is telling members of the Winchester community to keep their vehicles and doors locked at night and their windows latched and curtains closed. Handy says his department has received reports of prowlers in the city at night, but currently don’t have any concrete evidence. A previous Winchester City council meeting also had reports of random graffiti popping up in the Winchester area.

Handy is asking members of the public if they see something, say something by calling Winchester Police at 217-742-3456. He says if you see a prowler or Peeping Tom on your property, don’t confront them or try to apprehend them on your own but immediately call police.