No One Injured After Dog Alerts Family of Structure Fire

By Jeremy Coumbes on January 11, 2024 at 2:41pm

A Greene County family could have lost everything in a structure fire last night had it not been for a family pet.

The Roodhouse Fire Department was called for a report of a structure fire in a residence just south of the fire station at 1267 North US 67, at approximately 10:15 Wednesday night.

Fire Chief Terry Hopkins says the fire was contained to an attached garage and a preliminary investigation indicated a possible cause of the blaze. “It was something electrical in that corner, in that southeast corner, and I don’t know exactly what was in there, what was plugged back in there. But that’s where it started and made a perfect V triangle right up the side of the wall and got into the attic.

Of course when it got into the attic and blew out the eave boards and everything, well then it got air and really started roaring. But we had already been there and we got it going on the downside pretty fast on that.”

Hopkins says the fire would have been much worse had it not been for the efforts of one of the smallest members of the family. “Their little dog is what woke them up. The smoke alarm didn’t go off until after they called the fire in. But it was a newer house so it was tight. The fire was in the garage and even with it closed up it was struggling for oxygen to get a burn going.

If it had been an old garage where it has some air coming around the doors and stuff, we’d have probably lost the whole south end of it. But as it turned out there is quite a bit left. I believe both vehicles are if not totaled at least real close to it I think.

Of course, they were in bed and their little dog got them up. So I told them they need to get that little dog some dog biscuits, he needs treats. He done a good job.”

An estimate of damages was not available as of press time. Hopkins says the fire was contained to the garage however, the house sustained significant smoke damage.

The White Hall Fire Department also responded as mutual aid and was on scene for approximately one hour. The Roodhouse Fire Department cleared the scene a little over an hour and a half after arrival.

Ben Cox contributed to this story.