No One Injured in Possible Electrical Fire at Roodhouse Home

By Benjamin Cox on June 27, 2023 at 6:53am

No injuries have been reported in an early morning house fire in Roodhouse yesterday.

The Roodhouse and White Hall Fire Departments responded to a reported structure fire at 1:10AM Monday at a double-wide trailer located at 526 West Clay Street.

Roodhouse Fire Chief Terry Hopkins says that the homeowners were alerted by the family dog and smoke alarms filling up the home, which woke them out of sleep and allowed them all to get out of the residence unscathed.

Hopkins says the small fire was contained to a front, living room area of the trailer. Hopkins says they were able to knock down the small fire quickly, which produced mostly smoke. Hopkins says the origins of the fire was near an electrical outlet most likely meaning the fire was an incidental electrical fire.

Firefighters were on scene for around 90 minutes. Hopkins says he’s unsure of the dollar amount of damage or if the home can be made hospitable after repairs due to the home’s construction.