No Opposition Filed for EMS Special Service Area in Scott County; Levy Still To Be Set

By Benjamin Cox on December 30, 2022 at 8:38am

There was no opposition filed against the special service area for EMS services in southern Scott County.

The Scott County Times reports that no petitions were filed in the 60-day filing period after the Scott County Commissioners moved forward with the creation of the area. The special service area passed as an advisory referendum during the November General Election.

The Scott County Commissioners were supposed to set up the tax levy in a special meeting yesterday afternoon, but due to discrepancies and boundary questions, was not able to get it completed. The levy question now will bring into question if the special service area will receive tax money for funding in 2023.

The Scott County Times also reports that Scott County Supervisor of Assessments Julie Moore will need to get the levy prior to January 13th so she can mail property assessments to property owners in the county. The assessments will be published on January 17th.

The special service area will serve everything south of the North Scott Fire Protection District, which covers Bluffs and the northern portion of the county.