North Greene Dumps Organic Life, Places District Food Service Out for Bid

By Benjamin Cox on February 26, 2023 at 9:13am

The North Greene School Board has opted to look elsewhere for district food service next year.

The Greene Prairie Press reports that the board at their February 15th monthly meeting opted not to renew the contract with Organic Life for food service. Organic Life’s food contract expires on June 30th.

The board has opted to place food service back out for bid and have asked for Superintendent Mark Scott to reapply to the Community Eligibility Provision.

The CEP allows school districts to provide meals to students for free, and is based upon the general income of families located in a school district.

New legislation passed late last year will allow the school district flexibility to choose their food service provider no matter the bid. Previous state law required school districts to take the lowest bid on food service.