North Greene Salvation Army Disbanding

By Benjamin Cox on November 24, 2021 at 1:36pm

A Greene County non-profit is disbanding after two decades in existence.

The North Greene Salvation Army is disbanding due to a lack of membership. The Greene Prairie Press reports that only 3 members in the group, and all three are unable to keep up with the work in supporting the community due to health concerns.

The North Greene Salvation Army chapter was chartered in March 2001. Karen Meehan, one of the remaining members told the Prairie Press that one of the reasons they are unable to find members is that there is a background check and training required before one can be a part of the group now. When the group first started, the non-profit was completely on a volunteer basis and full of members from the local community.

The North Greene chapter was known for providing assistance to people needing transportation to medical appointments, assistance in paying for utilities, and providing food vouchers to the needy.

Anyone who has interest in trying to keep the group going in the North Greene area can contact Cathy Hunnicutt at 217-490-3148.