North Greene School District To Move Back to Self-Operated Food Service

By Benjamin Cox on February 28, 2024 at 8:30am

The North Greene School District is opting to move back to self-operation of its food service for students.

The Greene Prairie Press reports that after two years and two separate contracted food service agreements, the district is opting to go back to self-operation. In the previous school year, the school district ended its contract with Organic Life after a contentious relationship over food offerings and relationships with students and staff. The current company, Arbor Management, has had a better relationship with the district but the food portions and the quality of the food have left many unhappy.

Arbor Management’s contract is up on June 30th. The district currently is required to provide a 60-day notice of termination. Assistant Superintendent Jackie Kuchy is worried that the district will be letting Arbor Management know that they are not renewing the contract too soon and the food service will be even poorer for the final 4 months of the contract, including through the district’s summer lunch program.

Staff salaries and costs of food were the main reasons for the district moving to a contracted food service two years ago. Arbor Management’s current contract was for near $800,000 for the current school year, according to the Greene Prairie Press report. The contract includes the cost of food plus salary and benefits for the food service staff.

The district has not indicated when they will begin the move back to self-operation prior to the start of the next school year.