Nothing Fancy Supply Appears on ABC’s “The View”

By Benjamin Cox on July 21, 2022 at 10:15am

“View Your Deal,” a segment on the popular day-time talk show The View, recently featured a Jacksonville business.

The segment, which was shown Monday morning, featured Nothing Fancy Supply’s popular beeswax reusable food wraps.

Nothing Fancy Supply owner and creator Colleen Flinn says she found out that her company would be featured on the show earlier this month, but due to ABC’s stipulations, she had to keep the appearance a secret until 48 hours before the show’s air date.

Flinn says holding in the big news was difficult: “It was hard because it took us about 4 months to get all the inventory ready to go. Then, we just had a couple days to ship all the orders out, so we were working really hard for several months and couldn’t tell anybody about it. It is exciting, especially for a small business.”

Flinn says she contacted Don’s Place new owner Rachel Kessler to set up a viewing party for the Monday morning debut of the show. The viewing party invited numerous members of Jacksonville’s small business community, friends, family, and the Nancy Fancy Supply team to celebrate. It’s the company’s second appearance on national television after appearing on Good Morning America almost one year ago.

Flinn says she wasn’t surprised by the large turnout, even on a Monday morning, for the watch party: “I think we have a really vibrant, supportive Jacksonville small business community. I’m not really surprised they showed up at all, to be honest. It’s an exciting thing and everyone is just really supportive.”

Flinn says orders have been flooding in since the appearance on the show. She attributes the popularity of the beeswax wraps to their quality and the nation’s move toward being more environmentally conscious and friendly: “I just think we make a quality product. We use all of our ingredients from the United States. I think that’s something that people really value now, especially after Covid-19 and all the supply chain issues that we’re still experiencing. Sustainable products are huge right now because we are all seeing the repercussions of years of using disposable plastic, so people want to make a difference in their own households.”

To find out more about Nothing Fancy Supply, you can purchase items through the “View Your Deal” website at, Nothing Fancy’s permanent website home at, or find them on Facebook.