November Weather

By Gary Scott on December 2, 2023 at 9:34am

It was a warmer than normal November, but very dry.

The precipitation total came to just 3-quarters of an inch. Normal rainfall for November is 3 and two thirds inches. The driest November Jacksonville has ever had was 23 hundredths in 1933.

The wettest day was just a half inch of rain on the 21st. We did get a half an inch of snow. Normal snowfall is a little over an inch. There were just four days of measurable precipitation in November.

The temperatures last month were only slightly warmer than normal. The average reading was 42-point-7 degrees. That’s just 2 tenths a degree higher than normal.

A typical day last month saw a high of 55, and a low of 31.

Readings ranged from 78 on the 9th, to 14 on the 28th. The 78 degree reading was just 2 degrees from the record high for that date.

There were 12 days of 60 or better readings. One of the stretches saw the mercury reach 70 or better three straight days, starting on the 7th. And, just one night below 20.

WLDS-WEAI is an official reporting station for the National Weather Service.