Objections Filed on Several Petitions of Candidacy for State Offices

By Benjamin Cox on March 21, 2022 at 8:08pm

Several people filing to run for state offices may be trimmed from the field in the coming weeks after objections to their petitions for nomination were filed at the State Board of Elections in Springfield today.

Several GOP gubernatorial candidates had their nominating petitions objected to today. They include Jesse Sullivan and Kathleen Murphy, Max Solomon and LaTasha Fields, Keisha Smith, Beverly Miles and Karla Shaw, as well as Emily Johnson and Brett Mahlen. Johnson and Mahlen was the only gubernatorial ticket to face two filed objections

In the Secretary of State race, GOP candidate Sidney Moore has three separate objections to her petition for candidacy. Michelle Turney also faces an objection in the GOP Secretary of State primary race.

Michael Kinney, GOP candidate for Comptroller, as well as Patrice McDermand, GOP candidate for Treasurer also had objections filed against their petitions.

In federal races, GOP candidate for U.S. Senator MaryAnn Mahlen was challenged. In the new 13th District Congressional race, Decatur Democrat Ellis Everett Taylor had his petitions challenged.

Two local state races out of Springfield face challenges to their petition signatures. Republican Incumbent Tim Butler in the new 95th District faces a challenge, and GOP challenger in the 48th Senate District William P. Eddington also received an objection.

Objections will be ruled upon by the State Board of Elections prior to the Ballot placement lottery on Wednesday. If a candidate has enough signatures on their petitions objected to or found to be improper of if nomination paperwork is found to be improperly filled out, the candidate is removed from the major party primary ballot.