Officer & Suspect Injured After Suspect Barricades Himself in A Home in Alsey

By Benjamin Cox on August 9, 2022 at 7:24pm

A Roodhouse police officer and a suspect were injured after the suspect attempted to barricade himself in a home in Alsey late Tuesday morning.

A Scott County Sheriff’s Deputy was attempting to arrest a suspect at a home near the corner of Cottonwood and Cherry Streets in Alsey. The deputy was being mutually assisted by an officer from the Roodhouse Police Department in the execution of an arrest warrant.

Upon arrival, the unidentified suspect shouted at police and then fled inside of a residence, where he barricaded the door. One officer and the suspect were injured during the incident. EMS was requested to the scene after officers forced entry into the home.

The Roodhouse Police Department confirmed last night that a sergeant with Roodhouse PD was assisting to apprehend the subject in Alsey and was injured in the process, suffering two fractures in his ankle.

The officer was transported to Jacksonville Memorial Hospital and had to have emergency surgery to repair the damage. According to the report, the surgery went well and the officer is in recovery.

According to scanner traffic, the unnamed suspect received a large cut above their right eye when they ran into the house away from police. He was later taken to Boyd hospital for treatment.

Requests for information yesterday by WLDS from the Scott County Sheriff’s Department have been left and not returned as of press time.