Old JHS Bowl Floor On Sale

By Benjamin Cox on August 31, 2020 at 11:11am

The JHS Bowl is getting a new floor. Superintendent Steve Ptacek announced back on July 10th that a burst water valve flooded the floor and damaged the wood floor extensively in some places. Insurance will entirely replace the floor due to the malfunction with the valve.

In an effort to preserve memories and some bits of history, the Preservation of the Bowl Committee is offering pieces of the old floor for sale to keep it from being completely discarded. Amy Albers says that for a price, people can purchase their own piece of Bowl history: “The prices are set per linear foot and they range from $15 to $60 per foot based on the location. There is pieces from the general floor, center court, the lane, and the key. Then, there is also a larger section that says ‘The Bowl’ on it. We are going to cut center court into smaller pieces because there is no way to remove it without doing that; but it can be pieced back together if somebody really wanted to purchase the entire center area.”

Albers says the cost is for the labor and for future history at the Bowl: “First, [the money] is going to go toward paying to have the cuts specially done instead of just the random disposal of the floor. We are paying extra to have these special cuts done so we can preserve some of the history. Anything above that is going to the Preservation of the Bowl Committee, and we will continue our efforts to maintain this iconic structure.”

Albers says it’s first come first serve on the pieces: “There is a limited number of the good, quality pieces that we have cut. Doug Megginson and his crew have done a great job of cutting these pieces, but there is a limited number. We do have some pieces that we will take pre-orders for, but they really all need to be picked up by September 2nd or 3rd. We will be at the Bowl from 4-6PM for people to pick up their order.”

If you want to preorder and pay, contact the Jacksonville Schools Foundation office at aalbers@jsd117.org or call Albers for more information at 217-370-1994.