“Our Hearts are Broken” IC President Details Transfer Assistance for Mac Students

By Jeremy Coumbes on March 29, 2020 at 6:31pm

MacMurray College students are being offered a helping hand from their friendly cross town rival, in the wake of the announcement that the school will soon close it’s doors for good.

In an announcement on the Illinois College website, President Dr. Barbara Farley says

“Since the 1800s, MacMurray College and Illinois College have been pillars of higher education in Jacksonville,”.

Farley says she was very saddened at the news of MacMurray’s closure.

This is an incredibly sad time for our entire community, and our hearts are broken that this has happened. And I want to say that Jacksonville as a community is an amazing place, and Illinois College is standing ready to serve the MacMurray students and Jacksonville at this very difficult time.

I will look forward to partnering with community leaders in the future to advance our education in Jacksonville. I think it’s important that the community knows that we stand ready to serve the Jacksonville community in this difficult time in higher education.”

Farley says that Illinois College is working with MacMurray College to benefit transfer students at any credit level.

Illinois College has worked very hard, and quickly, to have a strong transfer plan in place for those students who are looking to complete their education here in Jacksonville. Rick Bystry is our Associate Director of Admission, and he is leading our effort.

We know that students are anxious, they have a lot of questions, and we want them to know that we are here for them and we are going to answer all their questions. They are our priority right now, as they are looking for a new place to complete their degree.”

Transfer options have been developed to maximize the number of transferable credits, ease the transition and financial burden for students and ensure they graduate on time.

All MacMurray students in good academic and social standing will be accepted to Illinois College and have their current MacMurray institutional scholarships and grants matched by I.C.

Farley says that they have taken extra steps for MacMurray students to get answers to their questions as soon as possible.

We have set up a special web page that has been set up for MacMurray students. We had a virtual information session today, there will be another one on Sunday at 6:00 pm and Rick Bystry and others will be online virtually, to answer all questions that students and parents might have. And that is students who are currently at MacMurray, and students who have planned to go to MacMurray in the fall.”

Students may also be eligible to receive the same state or federal aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Farley says that I.C. is working on ways to expand their opportunities to assist students in specific fields of study.

I want to say a special word about nursing students, because we know that a number of nursing students are thinking about their options. So I want them to know, and the community to know that Illinois College has an RN to BSN program that is the path for students who have an RN and are completing a bachelor of science in nursing, that we have an online program.

We are also looking for ways to expand nursing on our campus to serve other students who are interested in nursing education in the future.”

Farley says that there are additional programs that I.C. Is offering, but that are not currently on the MacMurray student site, including business administration, marketing, criminal justice, also philosophy, political science and economics is a major at Mac, and Farley says they will be able to serve those students as well.

Farley further expressed her hope that MacMurray students feel welcome at Illinois College. She added that although IC staff and faculty are currently working remotely to reduce the impact of COVID-19, the admission team is ready to answer questions and help students make a smooth transition. She says admission counselors will be available to answer any questions and work one-on-one with MacMurray students.

Associate Director of Admission Rick Bystry can be reached via email at rlbystry@ic.edu or by leaving a voicemail at 217-245-3029. Calls will be returned within one business day.

IC will host virtual MacMurray College transfer sessions from 6 to 8 pm on Sunday March 28th and 7 to 8 pm on Monday the 29th.

Students will be able to ask questions directly to IC admission counselors and be directed to virtual tours and other resources to learn more about IC.

More information about Illinois College transfer benefits for MacMurray students and how to apply is available at www.ic.edu/macmurray