Out of State Plaque Company Targeting Readers’ Choice Winners Not Affiliated with Journal-Courier

By Jeremy Coumbes on September 15, 2022 at 11:31am

The Jacksonville Journal-Courier is warning winners of a recent contest not to fall for claims by an out-of-state award company.

Recent winners of the annual Readers Choice Awards are being warned after a number of them have reported they were contacted by Regent Plaque and Sign LLC.

According to a report by the Journal-Courier today, The Ridgewood, New Jersey-based company offers winners the chance to purchase a commemorative plaque for being voted “best of” their specific category.

In some instances, winners have reported the company has stated they are affiliated with the Jacksonville Journal-Courier. Editor David C.L. Bauer said this afternoon that Regent Plaque and Sign is in no way affiliated with the Journal-Courier.

According to the report, the company is charging upwards of $200.00 for the plaque. Regent Plaque and Sign has a history of posing as being affiliated with publications across the country while soliciting the commemorative awards.

Yes Weekly in Greensboro, North Carolina announced in August of last year that the company had contacted winners of a similar contest held by that publication. In that case, the winners were sent plaques outright along with a bill for $189.95, according to their report.

Complaints have also been logged on the Regent Plaque and Sign listing with the Better Business Bureau, with one publication alleging copyright infringement and accusing Regent of using the publication’s registered trademark on the awards without their consent.