Passavant Area Hospital Foundation adds two new trustees

By Benjamin Cox on February 9, 2018 at 1:40pm

The Passavant Area Hospital Foundation has announced they’ve added two new trustees. Doug Awe and Nancy Spangenberg will join the other twelve board members. Executive Director Pam Martin says she’s excited for the new additions.

Their leadership is important as the foundation works to connect donors to the hospital and then utilize those wonderful contributions to enhance the hospital and increase our services for the community. Doug and Nancy also serve on the board of directors for the board at the hospital.That’s important to have that connection between the leadership of the hospital and the fund raising arm of our foundation.” said Martin.

Awe is the owner and general manager of Arends-Awe, a John Deere dealership. Spangenberg is a former director of nursing at Passavant. Both are currently on the hospital’s board of directors. Martin talks about what Awe and Spangenberg bring to the table.

“With their new role, they have expertise as a director to understand the complexity and what is required to deliver quality health care. Here at Passavant we continue to analyze and develop new ways to provide additional services so our folks don’t have to travel long distances and so they have a understanding at its core to meet local needs. So that message can be conveyed to local donors so that donors can see how their contributions actually serves the local community.” said Martin

Most recently, the foundation helped provide a grant for the new women’s clinic at Passavant Hospital. Martin explains some of the goals for 2018.

“One of our goals is to increase free health screenings, in partnership with the Miaware Foundation and the Cancer Regional Partnership, those screenings are checks like skin cancer and colon rectal cancer. So providing those free screenings,it helps contribute to the person’s well being and it might be just the knowledge they need to seek more information from their physician and understanding their health.” Martin said.

In 2017, the Passavant Area Hospital Foundation helped assist Illinois College with creating a RN to BSN program, help provide $20,000 in grant money for a nursing scholarship and gave a $7,000 grant for community health screenings.