Passavant Begins Drive-Thru Outpatient Lab

By Benjamin Cox on May 5, 2020 at 6:09am

Residents in the Jacksonville area who are in need of hospital laboratory services will have a drive through option, beginning this week.

Dr. Scott Boston, President and CEO of Passavant says starting yesterday, an outpatient laboratory drive through service will be available in the south parking lot on the hospital campus. “There’s a new tent right in the front of the hospital just to the west of the main entrance. We’re going to start doing some outpatient lab testing in that environment, so these would be things like routine blood work and those sort of tests. We are not going to be doing any COVID testing or COVID-19 screening at our location on our campus. That’s one of the things that Dale Bainter and the Morgan County Department of Public Health is doing at their location near downtown and have put up their own tent.”

The drive-through service will be for both pre-ordered tests and orders presented upon arrival that have been prescribed by a physician.

Testing includes blood and urine specimen collection and swab collection for rapid strep, influenza and respiratory syncytial virus or RSV.

Patients should use the Westgate and West Walnut entrance and turn east to proceed to the testing area. For some tests, patients may remain in their car, while other tests, such as blood collection, will require the patient to stop the car inside the tent and exit a short distance to a testing area.

Patients must have a physician’s order, and registration is encouraged for faster service. To register, call 217-479-5547.