Peanuts have been banned from schools in the Waverly School District

By Gary Scott on September 11, 2015 at 8:23am

Our reporting partners at WICS ABC Newschannel 20 say it’s due to a severe peanut allergy from six-year-old Jordan Planitz, who last week was exposed to peanuts by his twin brothers who hugged him after school after having had peanut allergens on them from another child.

Planitz apparently suffered a near-death experience from the exposure.

Due to a heart condition, it’s dangerous for Planitz to use epi-pens, and his parents worked with officials to create a district-wide peanut ban.

Jordan’s mother, Deanna Planitz, and godfather Marc Passoni, note the ban isn’t sitting well witih other parents.

“I had some nasty things said to me at Casey’s gas station. They said since Jordan is apparently retarded does he really need to go to school? Is it necessary to make the lives of 300 kids suffer,” she says.

“The major goal is to educate, to inform and bring light to the fact that this peanut may seem small to you, but to us it’s a life or death thing,” Passoni adds.

Jordan’s family asked the school board Wednesday night that an assembly be held explaining peanut allergies to students and staff. They also went as far as suggesting peanut alternatives parents can use for lunches.

Jordan’s parents commend Waverly Schools and the superintendent for the actions so far. We will be following up on this story, and bring you updates in the future.