Peddler’s Permit in Jacksonville For Alternative Electric Supply Retailer to Last Through Saturday

By Benjamin Cox on October 7, 2022 at 12:24pm

The City of Jacksonville announced earlier this week they’ve issued a peddler permit to an alternative electric supply retailer.

The permit for Clae Solutions Corporation started on Wednesday and will run through Saturday at 8PM. Representatives will be doing door to door solicitation from 9AM to 8PM each day and may ask homeowners to provide utility bill information and make an offer for homeowners to sign up for an alternative supplier for their electricity.

City Clerk Skip Bradshaw wants to make one point very clear to Jacksonville residents: “I’m not sure exactly what these people do, but I do want to inform the public that they do not represent the City of Jacksonville, nor do they represent Ameren, nor do they represent [the city’s] electric supplier currently, which is Homefield Energy. We are in the process of a new aggregation program, to extend the program. There’s more to come on that at a later date. My initial response to the public and information to the public is that [Clae Soultions] does not represent those three parties.”

Bradshaw recommends that people not give any information to representatives of Clae at all. Bradshaw says the city cannot prevent a company like Clae doing solicitation, but he says that the company has been warned that if there are any complaints brought to the attention of city hall that their permit may get pulled.

If you have any questions about the permit or wish to file a complaint, you may call the Jacksonville City Clerk’s Office at 217-479-4613.