Pediatric Mass Casualty Event Training Event in Springfield’s West End on Thursday

By Benjamin Cox on May 22, 2024 at 6:12am

Multiple agencies will be conducting mass casualty training on the far west end of Springfield on Thursday.

Springfield Police, Springfield Fire, ambulance and dispatch along with officials from the SIU Department of Emergency Medicine’s divisions of Emergency Management Services and Pediatric Emergency Medicine, in collaboration with HSHS St. John’s, Memorial Health, Memorial Learning Center and the Sangamon County Department of Public Health will conduct a pediatric-focused mass casualty training event at Hope Church in the 3000 block of Lenhart Road, adjacent to Centennial Park between 8AM and 1PM on Thursday.

The goal is to improve the preparedness and response to a mass casualty incident affecting a pediatric patient population.

Please avoid the area on Thursday as this event will be as realistic as possible in response.