Pentecost Resigns As South Jacksonville Village Clerk

By Benjamin Cox on July 25, 2023 at 4:00pm

The Village of South Jacksonville once again finds itself in need of a Village Clerk.

The Journal Courier reports that elected clerk Rebekah Pentecost has submitted her resignation effective July 13th. The Village Clerk’s resignation was listed as an action item on Thursday’s upcoming Committee of the Whole meeting.

Village President Dick Samples said he received Pentecost’s resignation letter and provided a copy to the Journal Courier. The letter was dated July 14th. No reason for the resignation has been provided. Samples has declined to comment.

Pentecost has been absent from the last several Village Board of Trustees’ meetings. Pentecost was elected to a 2-year unexpired term for the position in April by 7 write-in votes.