Perry Modular Home Destroyed By Fire Sunday

By Benjamin Cox on March 9, 2020 at 1:20pm

A modular home in rural Perry was destroyed by fire Sunday morning. North Pike, Meredosia, Baylis, and Griggsville Fire Departments responded to the home early Sunday morning near a wooded subdivision.

North Pike Fire Chief Jeff Butler told Quincy media outlets that the fire originated in a garage next to the home, and due to high winds, caught the home on fire. A mother and four children were at home when the home caught fire. All were able to make it out unharmed. Butler said that a resident was working in the garage and left for 10 minutes, and came back to find the garage fully engulfed. Preliminary investigation of the fire has ruled it to be accidental in nature.

The fire crews had difficulty containing the fire due to high winds and being a heavily wooded area. No one was injured during suppression efforts and firefighters were able to rescue the family’s dog from the home.

Butler said with extensive fire, smoke, and water damage to the south end of the home that it was deemed a total loss.