PETA Asks For Investigation at JBS for Alleged Animal Mistreatment

By Benjamin Cox on March 7, 2022 at 8:47am

An international animal rights group is saying a Beardstown pork producer is mistreating its animals.

The Journal Courier reports that PETA wrote to Cass County State’s Attorney Craig Miller this week, urging action in light of a U.S. Department of Agriculture investigator’s reports from April and May while at JBS USA in Beardstown.

A USDA investigator reported an employee of the facility striking a hog in its face with a driving aid on the two occasions, which is not in compliance with USDA regulations involving the humane handling of livestock. The investigator noted in the report that compliance was not properly implemented.

Miller has acknowledged to the Journal Courier receiving an email about the incidents, but had yet to receive the complete report. Miller declined to comment further to the paper about whether an investigation would take place.