Pike County Authorities Find Woman Who Had Gone Missing Along Mississippi River Island

By Benjamin Cox on October 17, 2023 at 8:47am

An unidentified missing woman was found early Monday morning on one of the many islands of the Mississippi River in Pike County.

WGEM reports that rescuers said the woman was exploring Gilbert Island with her three friends when she got separated from the group Sunday night.

The Pike County Sherriff’s Office, Illinois State Police, Illinois Department of Conservation, and a handful of local fire departments were called to help find her.

Officials said the woman was spotted through foliage and trees after she set up a bonfire, making it easier for her to be spotted. They said she was unharmed.

Pike County Emergency Court Commander Mark Jeffers said the woman did the smart thing by staying where she was and starting the fire. Jeffers said that it took them several hours to find her due to low water levels on the river and the dense foliage and trees that surround the island.