Pike County Health Department Announces Covid Exposure at Lindsay’s Tavern in Pittsfield

By Benjamin Cox on October 19, 2020 at 12:11pm

The Pike County Health Department has released information on a COVID-19 exposure at a large gathering on Saturday, October 10th. In a press release this morning, the health department says that documented multiple lab confirmed positive, symptomatic cases reported attending an event on the date at Lindsay’s Tavern in Pittsfield.

The Pike County Health Department is urging anyone who attended a large public gathering at Lindsay’s Tavern on October 10th to monitor for potential COVID-like symptoms and individuals with symptoms should seek testing. If you develop any of the symptoms quickly, they ask you to call your primary care provider for instructions on obtaining a test.

The health department did not initially announce the location of the potential exposure event when they issued a press release on Friday.