Pike County Sheriff’s Department Receives Community Donations For Equipment

By Benjamin Cox on November 23, 2020 at 10:09am

The Pike County Sheriff’s Department may soon have body cameras for its officers thanks to generous donations from the community. The Perry Methodist Church recently donated $500 to the Pike County Sheriff’s Department for the purchase of body cameras. According to a press release, the Sheriff’s Department has recently begun a trial where select deputies are wearing body cameras. The funding for this project is coming completely from donated funds from the community.

Pike County Sheriff David Greenwood says he expects this to grow into the full use of the body worn cameras on all of our deputies. Greenwood says the cameras are great documentation tools for an officer and allows others such as the State’s Attorney, Judge, Jurors and citizens to get an eyewitness view of an incident as well as being useful training tools for officers.

Photo Courtesy Pike Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

Greenwood also announced on Friday that Chris Sitton and Pittsfield Save A Lot donated $1500 for the purchase of twelve AR500 IFAK kits. These kits are used in emergency medical situations where there is a significant injury. Greenwood says that the kits are necessary in law enforcement but due to budget constraints for smaller departments, the kits are often unable to be purchased or restocked. The money will purchase approximately 12 kits for the department.

Greenwood says its great being a part of a community that receives such overwhelming support for law enforcement efforts.