Pike-Scott Farm Bureau Hosting Dicamba Training

By Benjamin Cox on February 20, 2020 at 8:44am

Pike and Scott County farmers will have the ability to get their annual Dicamba certification next month at the Pike-Scott Farm Bureau building in Pittsfield. In association with Prairieland FS, the farm bureau will host its 3rd annual dicamba training session on March 4th from 10 am to 11:30 am at the PSFB office located at 1301 East Washington Street in Pittsfield. Dr. Bill Simmons is the instructor, performing the training.

Pike-Scott Farm Bureau Director Blake Roderick says its a way to earn the annual certificate to apply the herbicide. Roderick said that farmers are required to go through the training annually by the Department of Agriculture. He says the training lasts about an hour and a half and farmers will receive their certificate to use the herbicide upon completion.

In 2019, the Illinois Department of Agriculture received over 700 misuse complaints regarding dicamba application to soybeans. Both private and commercial applicators found themselves on the receiving end of monetary penalties ranging from $750 – $1,000 for errors in application, including record-keeping mistakes.

Roderick says its crucial for farmers to understand label changes and the registration process to receive the certification. “We have some changes in registration this year, previous to last year. It’s important for farmers to show up and understand what those label changes are such as certain temperature limits, time limits for when you can be applying Dicamba. It’s also important for farmers and others who are taking this training, they have to go online to the Illinois Fertilizer Chemical Association website to register for this Dicamba training. There are several Dicamba trainings throughout the area, so go on to www.ifca.com/illinoisdicambatraining and find a location near you to sign up.”

Roderick says that farmers are hoping that a normal weather year occurs this year. He said that he hopes that any Spring flooding is contained to normal waterways so no one has to worry about a late planting season that would interfere with dicamba’s temperature application rules. Prairieland FS will provide a lunch after the training session. For more information, contact the Pike-Scott Farm Bureau at 217-285-2233.