“Pink Bills” Eliminated in Village Water Billing Process

By Jeremy Coumbes on April 9, 2022 at 11:20am

The process of billing for water and sewer service is being streamlined in the village of South Jacksonville.

The Village Board of Trustees approved resolution No. 2203 which will do away with the late notices known in the village as the pink bills. Superintendent of Utilities for the Village, John Green, says the change will save the village both time and money.

Before we had always sent out a pink bill, basically a reminder that you’re on the shutoff list. It’s double postage, it’s double the work. The bill that goes out the month before will tell you the due date that you are due for shut off after that date. So we are just cutting out one step in the process and trying to save a little money and time. The due dates are all the same, still due on the 15th. Anything after the 15th is considered late, anything after 45 days is on the shutoff list.”

Green says eliminating the pink bills will save the village an average of $200.00 per month in postage alone and estimates it will save more than $2,500.00 annually. He says the Water Clerk will continue to call those who are on the shutoff list before their service is terminated in an effort to help them avoid any interruption.

Green also reminded those attending that the village will be flushing fire hydrants next week. He says residents should know that there is a chance they could see some discoloration in their water as nearby hydrants are flushed.

Green says the discoloration is not cause for concern and the water is safe to use.