Pittsfield Man Arrested For Intimidation, Solicitation of Minor in Elmhurst

By Benjamin Cox on December 22, 2020 at 1:05pm

A Pittsfield man is in jail for alleged possession of child pornography. According to a news release from the Pittsfield Police Department, 22 year old Jeremy Thometz, of Pittsfield, has been charged with: possession of child pornography, intimidation, possession of a controlled substance, and sexual exploitation of a child.

An investigation began this week when police received information about an alleged incident involving the transmission of child pornography and requests for child pornography via the internet from a Pittsfield resident to an Elmhurst minor.

Investigators obtained multiple search warrants and grand jury subpoenas for numerous social media, electronic communication, and internet provider accounts including Snap Chat, Pinger and Xbox Live.

Authorities ended up finding and seizing electronic devices used to communicate with the minor along with illegally possessed weapons, controlled substances and a small cannabis grow. Police say more charges are pending.