Pittsfield man charged with attempted murder for shooting a member of his family in front of police

By Benjamin Cox on May 6, 2019 at 9:01am

A man arrested following a shooting Tuesday is being charged with attempted murder.

32 year old Chaz W. Carter, of Pittsfield is charged with shooting a male family member twice with a 40 caliber handgun, according to charges filed Thursday by Pike County State’s Attorney Zachary Boren. Carter is charged with attempted first-degree murder, aggravated battery and unlawful possession of a weapon by a felon.

Carter made his first court appearance Thursday. Pike County public defender Keisha Morris was appointed. Bond was set at $1 million and Carter was ordered not to have contact with the victim.

Law enforcement officers were investigating a disturbance on West Fayette Street in Pittsfield when a man came out of a house on the street and shot a family member, according to police.

55 year old Victor Delong was reportedly first shot in the chest and was shot a second time when he turned away from Carter, according to court records.

An officer fired his weapon, but Carter was not struck, according to preliminary reports from police. Carter was cleared at a hospital before being taken to the Pike County Jail..

Carter is scheduled to appear for a preliminary hearing on May 14th at 1 pm.