Pittsfield Man Takes Waste Hauling Woes Into His Own Hands, Creates Business

By Benjamin Cox on August 24, 2022 at 9:40am

A Pike County resident has taken trash hauling into his own hands after a recent company took over waste hauling in Pittsfield.

Pittsfield and many other residents in the area are upset with the changes brought by Canadian-based garbage pick-up service Green For Life or GFL.

GFL recently bought out Area Disposal and Trash Queen in the area. According to WGEM and several residents in Jacksonville, prices have nearly doubled for their trash service. Many residents are paying different amounts based upon their neighborhoods in different municipalities.

The City of Jacksonville is currently working on a citywide contract in hopes of streamlining bills and prices for everyone.

Pittsfield resident Josh Allen told WGEM he wanted to do something about this upset in not just Pittsfield, but all over Pike and possibly parts of Scott County.

WGEM reports that Allen quit his full-time job to start his trash pickup business, J&J Disposal, charging his clients in Pike County $85 every three months. Allen says through word-of-mouth and Facebook, he already has hundreds of people signing up for his service. Right now Allen is only serving portions of Pike County but is considering branching out to Scott County.

If you’re a resident of Pike County and are interested in J&J Disposal, call 217-285-3553.