Pittsfield Police Warn of Fake Money, Cashier’s Checks, and Forged Checks with Online Sales

By Benjamin Cox on November 2, 2022 at 9:14am

The Pittsfield Police Department is warning the public about several recent fraud incidents in the area when it comes to selling things online.

The Pittsfield Police say that the main target appears to be people buying/selling vehicles or high-dollar items online. The sellers are being duped with forged checks and fake cashier’s checks. Pittsfield Police ask if you choose to sell your vehicle or do any business online, verify all funds before completing the transaction.

They recommend that you call the bank listed on the check and verify both the funds and the validity of the check. Banks maintain records of all cashier’s checks. Pittsfield Police say that if you take a cash payment, have your bank verify larger-denomination bills as being real before completing the transaction, and to always confirm payment with the other bank before releasing your goods to a buyer.

Pittsfield Police say that if you live in the city limits of the City of Pittsfield, they will, as a courtesy, help verify all payments for online transactions. For more information or to request assistance, call 217-285-5011.