Plan for State Street Halloween Closure Announced

By Jeremy Coumbes on October 29, 2019 at 2:33pm

The Jacksonville Police Department will be closing a portion of West State Street on Wednesday October 30th for trick-or-treating.

Police chief Adam Mefford said Monday night following the city counsel’s approval of the closure, that this will be a test run of sorts, and that if things don’t work properly on Wednesday night, they will go back to just officers manning intersections and allowing through traffic as they have in years past on Thursday.

If the evening goes well, then the street will be closed off again on Thursday for the second night of city trick-or-treating. Mefford says that the plan was a precaution to ensure public safety during the heavy foot traffic.

The closing will be from approximately 6:00pm until 9:00pm on both nights. The closings will be as follows:

State Street at Park Street closed, North and Southbound Caldwell and Park will not be affected

Sandusky at Lafayette Southbound closed to residential traffic only

State Street at Duncan Park West entrance closed, Duncan Park will remain open

Duncan Park East entrance opened for exit, must exit Northbound on Sandusky only

Officers will assist with traffic control and there will be no restriction of traffic for those individuals who reside in the closed areas of State Street.

The Jacksonville Police want to remind those participating in the trick-or-treating to cross at crosswalks as they are the safest and most lit areas to cross the road.

The barricaded areas shall not be used as drop off or pick up locations. Officers will ask you to move along and find a legal parking spot to load and unload children. Parents please accompany young children.