Pleasant Hill Couple Welcomes First Baby at Blessing Hospital in Quincy

By Benjamin Cox on January 3, 2024 at 7:28am

A Pleasant Hill couple were the first new parents of the New Year at Blessing Hospital in Quincy.

According to a press release from Blessing Hospital, Dutton Ray Eugene Black, son of Brian and Brenlee Black was born at 10:59PM on New Year’s Day. He is Brian & Brenlee’s first child and the first child of 2024 born at Blessing.

Dutton’s arrival was a bit early, according to Brenlee. His due date wasn’t expected until January 19th.

Dutton and his parents received gifts from Niemanns’ Floral Department, Wellman Florist, and the Blessed Beginnings staff. Blessing staff designed and sewed onesies for all of the babies born on the first of the year.