Pleasant Plains Police Report Card Skimmer at Local Casey’s

By Benjamin Cox on April 17, 2023 at 7:30pm

The Pleasant Plains Police Department has notified the public of a credit card skimmer investigation at a local gas station.

According to a press release from Pleasant Plains Police Chief Michael Long, on or about the first week of April, the Pleasant Plains Police Department received reports of fraudulent charges on a resident’s credit card. According to Long, after opening an investigation into the charges at the Pleasant Plains’ Casey’s General Store, police found that the individual was a victim of a card skimmer.

Credit card skimmers are devices that criminals attach to ATMs, gas pumps, and any other payment terminals to steal your card’s information. Skimmers come in all shapes, sizes and varying degrees of complexity with some being attached to payment devices while some employ cameras and Bluetooth technology.

According to Long, the skimmer was located on one pump island that housed pumps #1 and #2 at the Casey’s location. Upon being notified of the skimmer, the Pleasant Plains Casey’s management contacted their headquarters and located and confiscated the alleged skimmer. Long says the investigation into the incident is open and ongoing with multiple agencies now involved.

Long says to review your credit card statements from late March to April 1st for any possible fraudulent purchases that may have occurred. A police report with Pleasant Plains Police has been generated. The number of the case is PP23-261.

Long says if you have any further information, questions, or wish to report further fraudulent transactions; you can call the Pleasant Plains Police Department at 217-626-1351 for assistance.