Pleasant Plains Teacher To Resign At End of the Year, Will Receive Pay & Retirement Bonus

By Benjamin Cox on September 25, 2019 at 3:56pm

A Pleasant Plains teacher will be allowed to keep his job through the end of the year and receive his retirement bonus per a resignation with the local school board. Springfield Leaks reports that Martin Tadla will accept his resignation agreement at the end of the term, pay his gross earnings of $3208.25 through August 15, 2020, and pay a retirement bonus per the agreement. Tadla has agreed not to sue the district and released any liability from the school district per the resignation agreement. Pleasant Plains Superintendent Matt Runge signed the agreement on Monday night.

Tadla’s resignation comes after he was placed on an unpaid 10 day suspension for telling a student “to go hang himself from the goal post” during a strength training class. Springfield Leaks said they could not confirm if Tadla will actually be teaching at the school for the remainder of the year despite the agreement. Superintendent Runge, Tadla, and the Pleasant Plains School Board has not made any comments on the matter.