Portion of Fayette Street Evacuated Due to Gas Leak

By Jeremy Coumbes on February 25, 2021 at 11:12am

An entire block was evacuated for part of the morning in Jacksonville yesterday due to a natural gas leak.

The Jacksonville Fire Department was called to the 300 block of South Fayette Street just before 9:00 am after workers for I3 Broadband struck a two-inch line while working in the area.

Jacksonville Fire Department Chief Doug Sills says once department crews arrived on scene, they began gas detection operations and opened manhole covers on each end of the street.

Natural gas was detected in both the sanitary and storm sewer, as well as several basements on the block. Sills says the natural gas was leeching through the boulevard underground as well. He says residents of the block were evacuated and the street was blocked off for their safety during the operation.

Ameren Illinois was able to contain the leak. Sills says not long after, fire department officials along with Ameren officials determined the natural gas has dissipated enough for repair work to begin.

According to Sills, the scene was turned over to Ameren at approximately 11:40 am. He says Ameren Illinois completed the work without issue and called each resident to notify them it was safe to return to their homes.