Prairieland United Way Hoping for Big Push, Less That $10k Away from Campaign Goal

By Jeremy Coumbes on February 19, 2024 at 4:25pm

Time is running out as a local fundraising organization is inching closer to its campaign goal for the year.

The deadline for the Prairieland United Way’s 2023 campaign is the 29th of this month and Director Karen Walker says, they are less than ten thousand dollars away from hitting the mark.

We are very thankful for everyone who donated to help get us to this number. $467,000 is a huge number for us to raise. We’re almost there and are within just a few thousand dollars of being there so if you haven’t contributed, please I ask you to make a donation to help us reach that number.

Our allocation process will start in March, we’re about a month away from those starting, so we need to reach this goal so we can help so many people that rely on help from these programs. Whether it’s Meals on Wheels programs, nutrition programs, food programs for our pantries, daycares that need scholarships, the homeless shelter, or whatever it is. There are so many that rely on these funds, that we have to raise these funds in order to help them provide these programs.”

Walker says the total of approximately $9,000 away from hitting their goal includes the pre-sale of tickets for this Saturday’s Price is United event. She says there are still seats and some full tables available for the event, which will feature some new, never-before-seen aspects.

Walker says the hosts, David and Nicole Meyer always put a lot of work into keeping the event fresh each year. “I know they have a new game this year so if you have been before and think oh I’ve seen that show and it’s fun but I don’t want to go again, there’s something new every year.

I know they have a new game and I don’t even know what it is, so I’m always surprised every year as well. We also have something new coming out, we have a new video aspect to it this year. So again, we try to bring out new things, new prizes, new games. We change it every year so while it’s our fourth year it’s new and improved.”

Tickets for this weekend’s The Price is United event are $50.00 per person which includes a full dinner provided this year by K’s Creek. The event starts at 5:30 pm at the Midwest Athletic Center on Hardin Avenue, with dinner followed by the show, a live The Price is Right style gameshow that this year, Walker says has even more prizes for attendees to win.

She says anyone interested should contact her office to reserve a seat, and even if you don’t want to go, she asks you to please consider donating to help the Prarieland United Way close the gap and finish this year’s campaign strong.

To find out more information or to reserve tickets, contact the Prairieland United Way by calling 217-245-4557, or go online to