Prairieland United Way Running Behind Campaign Goal

By Benjamin Cox on January 12, 2022 at 6:00pm

The Prairieland United Way’s annual campaign is running behind this year.

Executive Director Karen Walker said last week that the annual campaign is a little above 60% of its goal this year. Walker says that employee groups have been late to report: “I think there’s just been a lot of….you know, some of our employee campaigns have done well and even better than past years and others we’re struggling with even getting to do a campaign, just some changes I think, in the overall leadership supporting the community. Hopefully, we will still have that and we are just running behind schedule on that.”

Walker says she’s encouraged by the Price Is United event’s ticket sales so far: “So far, we have about a third of our tickets left. There is still time to get tickets. I certainly encourage anyone who has thought about coming but just wasn’t sure to give it a chance. There are some great prizes to win and it’s really a fun time.”

Price is United returns Saturday, February 5th at 6PM at Hamilton’s in Jacksonville. A table of eight is $320. Tickets are available at the United Way Heroes Table for $400. Deadline for table tickets is Feb. 1st.