Price Pleads Guilty to Violation of No Contact Order in Greene

By Benjamin Cox on March 6, 2023 at 6:12pm

A former Carrollton grade school teacher arrested by Greene County Sheriff’s deputies almost two years to the day pleaded guilty to a single count of violating a stalking no contact order this past Friday in Greene County Circuit Court.

50 year old Kyle A. Price was arrested on February 12, 2021 by Greene County Sheriff’s deputies after police reports say he came within 500 feet of a protected party on that morning.

Two charges were initially filed by the Greene County State’s Attorney’s Office saying that Price allegedly violated the order by intentionally trying to contact the protected party by phone between 5-7 times and then allegedly came within 500 feet of the protected party near Carrollton High School on the day of his arrest.

The case has gone through a series of delays in Greene County Circuit Court. The delays included the appointment of Macoupin County Judge Kenneth Diehl as the presiding judge on the case and Brown County State’s Attorney Michael Hill as the special prosecutor due to conflicts of interest. The case has also been heard in Macoupin County Circuit Court over the last year. During the case, Price was dismissed in March 2021 from Carrollton Grade School after his arrest.

On Friday, the state submitted amended complaints in the case with a separate third count alleging that Price came within 500 feet of the protected party on the morning of his arrest by driving by St. John’s Catholic School knowing that the protected party would be present.

Judge Diehl accepted the plea agreement and ordered a full pre-sentence investigation. Violation of a no contact order is a Class A misdemeanor. A conviction carries a potential penalty of up to one year in prison and a fine up to $2,500. Some defendants may be ordered to pay victim restitution, attending counseling, and relinquish any personal firearms.

Price also currently has a tort damage lawsuit pending in Sangamon County for his time as a teacher and coach in the Riverton School District. An unnamed female has filed for tort damages alleging sex abuse allegations against Price during her entire time as a student at Riverton High School. The suit also names the Riverton School Board, retired Riverton High School Principal Bill Lamkey, and Riverton High School Guidance Counselor Tamara Sturdy as party along with Price.

Price’s sentencing on the Greene County case has been set for April 26th. The next hearing date in the Sangamon County civil suit has not been set.