Pritzker, Lawmakers Announce Rebuild IL Funds for Renovations at Lewis & Clark Community College

By Benjamin Cox on March 16, 2022 at 2:43pm

Photo Courtesy of Lewis & Clark Community College

Governor J.B. Pritzker visited Lewis & Clark Community College in Godfrey on Monday to announce a nearly $40 million investment in the college’s buildings.

The project includes a complete renovation of the Main Complex, which includes 5 historic buildings (Baldwin, Caldwell, Wade, Fobes, and Reid) at approximately 170,000 square feet. The renovations are partially being funded by $37.5 million in Rebuild Illinois capital plan funds as well as an additional $12.5 million local match from the school.

Pritzker says that community college investment is just as important as 4-year institutions because of the variety of programs and certifications they offer to students: “It’s another thing we can do to lift up learners all across the State of Illinois. Serving 15,000 students, Lewis and Clark is exactly the kind of institution we should be investing in to fuel economic opportunity in this region – and thanks to our Rebuild Illinois capital plan, we’re celebrating nearly $40 million worth of renovations on the L&C campus.”

State Senator Steve McClure says community colleges are an economic driver for their localities: “I don’t think people realize that people tend to stay where they go to college. Lewis & Clark has a particularly strong impact on that because of all the trades [programs] that they offer. I remember the first time I toured this campus – number one, you see what a beautiful campus it is; number two, you just see the impact it has on the entire economy. The fact that so many come from across the country to come here and so many stay in the area afterwards is a real testament to the impact this school has.”

In addition to the Main Complex, the funding is also a part of 3 deferred maintenance projects at Lewis and Clark Community College totaling just over $1 million in investments. The projects will address fire alarm system and fan coil unit replacements, as well as critical structure and foundation repairs.

The current renovation work, scheduled to begin next year, will include mechanical, electrical, and plumbing upgrades, health and life safety improvements, the replacement of the fire suppression and fire alarm systems, ADA, lighting, and elevator upgrades, interior finishes, and upgrades to the roofing systems, windows, and building envelopes.

The school has been working on securing the funding for the renovations for nearly a decade.