Procedures for jury selection in Heitbrink trial reviewed

By Gary Scott on September 10, 2015 at 8:29am

Jury protocol was reviewed during a brief court appearance by murder suspect Robert Heitbrink in Morgan County Court on Wednesday.

The former Jacksonville real estate agent is accused of stabbing his father-in-law, William McElhaney, to death in July 2013 at Heitbrink’s residence.

The discussion, involving Circuit Judge Chris Reif, Heitbrink’s attorney Craig Elmore and Special Prosecutor Charles Colburn, focused on how the jury will be selected for the trial, how they will be questioned during the selection process, and how many “challenges” each party can make to a juror’s selection.

Reif denied a request from Heitbrink’s defense to allow them to question individual potential jurors, unless a specific need arises.

Both sides agreed not to call witnesses that would testify to Heitbrink’s character, good or bad.

Barring any further motions, which would be heard on September 25th, Heitbrink’s next court date is a pretrial of October 7th. The trial would begin October 13th.