Broken Pump Forces Village Back on City Water, Boil Order Issued Following Water Main Break

By Jeremy Coumbes on August 16, 2023 at 9:30am

The Village of South Jacksonville is dealing with water issues this morning.

According to a report by the Jacksonville Journal-Courier, the village is currently running on water from the City of Jacksonville after a pump broke at the Village’s water treatment plant near Oxville.

Village President Dick Samples told the Courier that parts for the pump have been ordered however, it is expected to be out of service for at least two weeks. Residents of the Village have complained about the quality of the water coming from their faucets and at times a dark or even brown color to the water at times.

Samples said in the report that continued water quality testing has shown that the water is clean and safe for consumption and that the complaints have dropped off considerably in recent weeks.

The Village Board of Trustees is expected to approve a contractual agreement with All Service Contracting Corporation to replace the media filtering material at the Oxville plant during a special session tomorrow during the regularly scheduled Committee of the Whole meeting. Samples has said previously changing out the material will help increase the quality of the water coming through the system.

Some village residents suffered another blow to their water needs yesterday morning. Residents in the southernmost portions of the village reported losing most or all of their water pressure. WLDS News spoke with Samples at the time who confirmed a water main had been struck by a work crew.

Subsequently, a boil order has been issued for all South Jacksonville residents who live south of Prairie Power Incorporated, located at 2109 South Main Street until further notice.

Anyone with questions or concerns has been directed to call the South Jacksonville Village Hall at 217-245-4803.