QPD Chief Asks For Public’s Patience in Bliefnick Homicide Investigation

By Benjamin Cox on March 1, 2023 at 7:53am

The Quincy Police are asking for the public’s patience as they continue to search for answers in a woman’s murder from last week.

Quincy Police Chief Adam Yates released a statement to the Quincy media Monday night after the Quincy City Council meeting imploring the pubic to remain patient as his department investigates the shooting of 41-year old Rebecca Bliefnick.

Bliefnick was found gunned down in her home in the 2500 block of Kentucky Road in Quincy by a family member on Thursday afternoon after Bliefnick failed to pick up her children from school.

Bliefnick issued the following: “

“I would like to update the Quincy community on the investigation into the fatal shooting of Rebecca Bliefnick. Since being notified of her death last Thursday, our investigations division has been actively investigating this violent crime to identify and apprehend the person or persons responsible. Eight detectives – with a variety of expertise as it relates to homicide investigations – three investigative supervisors, an investigator from the Illinois State Police and attorneys from the Adams County State’s Attorney’s office have been working together on this case. Every resource at our disposal is being utilized and any request for assistance to outside law enforcement agencies or forensic specialists is being honored.

The Quincy community has not experienced a crime of this magnitude since early 2019. All death is tragic; the circumstances of Ms. Bliefnick’s murder are incomprehensible. Our community is shaken, on edge and they want answers. The members of our police department dedicate their lives to protecting the members of our community. When a crime like this occurs, it becomes our mission to ensure there is justice for the victim and a restored sense of security for our residents.

Homicide investigations are complex, difficult, and they take time. Dozens of interviews have to be conducted and analyzed, evidence collected and sent for processing, preservation letters sent, search warrants written and served, video evidence located, obtained, and reviewed, and timelines constructed and re-constructed – all based on the overwhelming amount of evidence and information that comes in a very short period of time. I promise you that an incredible amount of work is going on behind the scenes. Our detectives are working as hard and as fast as they can, but these things take time. More importantly, the work being done has to fall within the guidelines of acceptable investigative practices, Illinois statute, and the United States Constitution. That is non-negotiable. Every step our detectives take and decision they make in the coming days, weeks and months will be picked apart by attorneys for years. We have only one chance to get it right. Ms. Bliefnick deserves our best and that is exactly what we intend to give her.

During my ten months as chief, I have been outspoken about the importance of transparency in law enforcement; it is something I believe in very strongly. Regarding cases like this, however, I make no apologies for being tight lipped. I take the integrity of a homicide investigation seriously. We do not talk about crime details, specific investigative techniques, or theories about what happened. The intimate details of what took place are known only to our detectives and those close to the investigation, including the killer. I will do my best to keep you informed, but I will not compromise this investigation. I ask for your patience, as difficult as I know that is.

We are fortunate to live in a community where violent crime such as this, is rare. When it happens, it is devastating. Nothing I say here tonight will put our community at ease. Making an arrest in this case is the only way to do that. We are working very hard to make that happen. This investigation is our highest priority.

Again, offer my condolences to Ms. Bliefnick’s family and friends. May God be with them, her and with the investigators seeking justice on her behalf.”

Funeral services for Bliefnick are set for Friday in Quincy.

Investigators are asking if anyone has information concerning this homicide case to call the Quincy Police Department 217-228-4470 or submit a tip though Quincy Regional Crime Stoppers online portal, app, or by calling 217-228-4474.