RCHS Homecoming Parade Today

By Benjamin Cox on October 1, 2021 at 9:56am

Routt Catholic High School’s Homecoming Parade is today. Today’s festivities bookend a week-long celebration at the school.

Development & Enrollment Coordinator Colleen Doyle says each day this past week has had a different theme or dress up day for students, culminating in events this afternoon: “It’s been a good week athletic-wise and activity-wise, and then the football team hosts Brown County on Saturday at 1PM. Today’s activities include a pep rally on the front steps of Routt at 12:40PM. Coronation will happen at 1PM, again on the front steps of Routt. At approximately 1:20PM, we will have our Homecoming Parade. We will exit the Our Saviour parking lot, head west on State Street, go north around the Square, head south on Main, then come back east on College, and end right in front of Routt. We’ve got about 30 parade entries, so it’s going to be a good time. We’re hoping the weather holds out.”

Routt students enjoyed ice cream from the SafeCo Trolley on Wednesday afternoon during Pajama Day.

Doyle says that the copious amounts of toilet paper and now the assembling of living room furniture on the front lawn this past week were ways for the student body to cut loose in a fun way: “The living room furniture is exactly that, it’s our students having fun in a safe and non-destructive manner. The toilet paper, I was just talking with an alum yesterday, Mrs. Linda Curtis, and she graduated in the 60s. She believes that they were TP’ing even back then. It’s a tradition that has lived on and stood the test of time. It’s harmless fun and the kids have a good time with it.”

An assembly of living room furniture and old mattresses made their way to the Routt lawn on Thursday.

Doyle says the football team got a good pre-game workout last night moving all of the furniture off of the front lawn of the Routt Campus ahead of the coronation this afternoon. Following the parade, an adult homecoming begins at 3PM at the KC Hall featuring entertainment provided by Exit 52.