Variety of Generic Cialis Versions

By Sam Hermes on December 14, 2021 at 2:09pm

Almost all men know that the most effective drugs to restore potency are Cialis, Viagra and Levitra. However, it is enough to go to the section of drugs for erectile dysfunction on the website of any pharmacy to be amazed at the variety of drugs presented there. Colorful packaging, dozens of items, various dosage forms… It may seem that the modern pharmaceutical market offers consumers an immense array of means to return to a normal sexual life. Meanwhile, upon closer examination, it becomes clear that all this variety is generics of the same three main branded drugs.

Generics are drugs that are analogues of the original brand drug. They are produced on the basis of a finished dosage formula that was previously developed by a company that held a patent for a branded drug. Thus, generics are copies of the original, which are produced by other pharmaceutical companies. Sometimes, as in the case of Cialis, the company that invented the drug (in this case, Eli Lilly), allocates one generic and “takes it under its patronage.” Such an exclusive generic Cialis is the product of the Israeli company Teva. Generic Cialis from Teva appeared on the market earlier than all other generics of this drug, it is perceived by consumers as more reliable and respectable, since Teva is affiliated with Eli Lilly. However, the price for the special status of this generic is its high price compared to other analogues that are not so popular.

Most generic Cialis manufacturers are following the beaten path and focusing their efforts on the production of Tadalafil in the form of traditional pills. They may differ in shape, color and size, but in terms of properties they are as similar as possible to each other, since the changes concern only external properties and minor excipients, such as dyes or fillers, which are responsible for the density of the pill. Canadian and European manufacturers of Cialis generics are avid conservatives, and for the most part, they prefer this particular version of generics.

Things are quite different in the Asian segment of Cialis generics, primarily in India. There are many more pharmaceutical companies here that produce a variety of generic versions of this popular medicine all over the world. Some prefer the development of soft tablets that have a faster onset of action than regular tablets due to their increased oral bioavailability. Other manufacturers produce gel sachets, which, in addition to being fast acting, are better tolerated by the gastrointestinal tract and don’t cause unpleasant side effects from this side.

Recently, Cialis generics in the form of capsules have also appeared on the pharmaceutical market. Their distinctive features are the impossibility of dividing the capsule into parts, as well as the smooth release of the active substance.

It is easiest and most profitable to buy a variety of Cialis generics in online pharmacies, especially since most major international pharmacies deliver to the US and other countries of the world at more than reasonable prices.